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The Sony DMP-Z1 is a “portable” high-resolution digital audio player, which meanwhile has become a real “collectors item”. It was introduced by Sony as an highend statement product, showing what they are capable of.

The DMP-Z1 uses a 3,1-inch touchscreen and supports DSD data up to 11,2 MHz. It uses a very high quality analog headphone amplifier. Furthermore it can be used in AC mode or in battery mode thanks to the 5 built-in batteries that drive both digital and analog amplification circuits independently for enhanced dynamics and reduced internal electromagnetic interference. By isolating the power delivery from conventional AC power supplies, you enjoy both a more open treble response and tighter bass delivery, without the harshness transmitted through AC line noise. The unit comes with 256GB of memory, plus two micro SD card slots, giving you lots of room for your music. A Bluetooth adapter is built in, and you can use the USB-C connector to plug it in to your laptop.

This unit is one of the very few officially supplied in Europe. The internal operating hours counter, which cannot be altered by an user, shows only 6 hours of usage. Including the original suitcase, box and accessoiries. Newprice: 9.000 euro, now available for 4.950 euro.

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