Sony TA-N1 & TA-E1 -SOLD-


The Sony TA-N1 and TA-E1 amplifiers were part of the very rare “1” series, expressly designed for Sony’s SACD launch, along with the SCD-1 reference player and SS-M9ED loudspeakers. These products were the very best Sony was able to manufacture when “costs are no object”. Only 100 combinations were manufactured by Sony, with 25 units 230V specifically for Europe.

The TA-N1 with a weight of 70kg outputs 2 x 200W at 8Ohm; 2 x 400W at 4Ohm and can drive any loudspeaker. The performance of these amplifiers is still among the very best current designs.

Including original boxes and manuals. These collectors’ items are in a beautiful condition and now available for 9.990 euro.

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