The Cartridge Man Music Maker III -SOLD-


This Music Maker III cartridge from The Cartridge Man is in excellent condition. It comes with an integrated Isolator and offers many great virtues of the best MC cartridges with the high output of MM cartridges.

Newprice: 1.050 euro, now available for 350 euro.

Output voltage: 4mV
Frequency response: 10Hz – 50KHz
Stereo separation: >25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz range
Loading requirement: 47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)
Cartridge weight: 6.2g
Stylus type: proprietary extended contact area diamond
Tracking force: 1.58g +/- 0.05g (critical)
Arm requirement: medium to low mass (13g or less)
Bias (anti-skate): requirements minimal

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