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The Prestige is, together with the Thorens Reference, one of the two classic non-plus-ultra turntables manufactured by Thorens. The Prestige was an anniversary model where all the knowledge and experience within Thorens came together in this state-of-the-art turntable. The Prestige is built to the highest standards and with its 55kg combines the best virtues of mass turntables with the renowned Thorens belt drive floating chassis system. The Prestige can accommodate two tonearms. In this offering it comes, besides the two mounted armboards for Thorens and Roksan tonearms, including two armlifts, with two additional armboards for 12″ SME tonearms. Price for this no compromise turntable combination is 16.500 euro.

◾Drive system: Belt drive
◾Motor: 16 pole 2 phase synchronous motor
◾Speeds: 33⅓, 45. 78 RPM
◾Motor speed control: quartz controlled electronic 2 phase generator
◾Pitch control: ≥6%
◾Turntable platter: 8,1 kg complete with mat and goldweight
◾Platter diameter: 340 mm
◾Wow and flutter according: ≤0,02% (DIN 45507)
◾Rumble unweighted according: >54 dB (DIN 45 539)
◾Rumble weighted according: >70 dB (DIN 45 539)
◾Rumble measured with Thorens Rumpelmasskoppler according to DIN:
◾Unweighted: >70 dB
◾Weighted: >80 dB
◾Power requirements: 2 x 19 V : 200 mA
◾Main voltage: may be connected to any line voltage using the appropriate Thorens AC adapter
◾Dimensions: 612 x 510 x 280 mm
◾Weight: 55 kg

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