Van den Hul Frog Gold -new- -SOLD-


This offering is for a new and unused MC cartridge.

The van den Hul Frog Gold MC Cartridge is a custom hand-built moving coil cartridge with matched Gold-Wire coils and a Solid Boron Cantilever making it sound even smoother and more refined than the standard Frog.

Including original wooden box. Recommended retailprice in The Netherlands is 2.700 euro, now available for 1.450 euro.

– Output: 0,85 mV
– Golden coils, Boron cantilever, VDH-IS stylus
– Load: 20 Ohms – 47K Ohms,
– Weight: 8,2 grams
– Compliance Dynamic – Static: 14 cu/dyne – 28 cu/dyne

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