Wadia 931 & 922 & 971 -SOLD-


The Wadia 931/922/971 is the non-plus-ultra CD/DAC combination from Wadia and the very best they have ever developed and built. This combination consists of the 931 controller, the 922 mono DAC’s and 971 cd transport.

Very detailed, tight bass, not one area overwhelming the others. Deep and 3D soundstage. The 931/922 combination has their own volume control which performs better than most reference level preamps out there.

This combination has been supplied by the official Dutch Wadia distributor. The 922’s are original 922 versions, therefore not upgraded 921’s. Including two metal remote controls and manuals. Newprice: 60.890 euro (pricelist available), now for 9.900 euro.

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