Yamaha MC-1x


The MC-1x cartridge is a real classic from Yamaha. This mc cartridge is considered the very best Yamaha has ever build. Including original box and all belongings. Naturally this cartridge can be auditioned in a serious analog setup. Price: 390 euro.

Cartridge type : Moving Coil
Output : 0.20 mV
Frequenct Response : 10-20,000Hz
Tracking Force: 1.6 to 2.0 grams (1.8g optimal)
Cartridge weight: 18 grams
Impedance : 30 ohms
Recommended load : >30 ohms
Compliance value : 30 X 10^6 cm/dyne
Stylus : Special elliptical
Cantilever : Beryllium Pipe

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