ZYX 4D Mono X -SOLD-


This “top-of-the-line” mono MC cartridge from ZYX is in almost unused condition. The previous owner only had some try outs with mono records, but quickly decided not to continue with mono records.

Includes original box. Price: 900 euro.

Monaural Moving Coil (Dynamic)
“REAL STEREO” Generator System
Cryogenic Treatment Temperature: -196 (-320F)
Output Voltage 1.0mV (5.0cm/sec, 1kHz)
Recommended Tracking Force 2.5gm 〔20゜C-25゜C〕
Tracking Force Range 2.0gm – 3.5gm
Trackability >60μm
Internal Impedance 10Ω
Load Impedance > 100Ω
Dimensions W (Width) : 16.8mm, L (Length) Body / with Terminals : 19.0mm / 23.0mm, H (Height) : 15.5mm

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