Very well received 24/192kHz DAC from Bryston that sounds very fluent and analog. It is built to very high standards using the best components. The BDA-1 has eight digital inputs. Including manual. Newprice: 2.990 euro (pricelist is available), now for 750 euro.


The BDP-1 from Canadian manufacturer Bryston is an user friendly media streamer that sounds great. The BDP-1 is Roon ready and has the most recent Manic Moose software installed. Including manual. Newprice: 2.659 euro (pricelist is available), now for 650 euro.


The BHA-1 from Bryston is a balanced, dual mono, class A headphone amplifier. It comes with three headphone outputs: Balanced XLR (4 Pin Stereo), Balanced XLR Pair (3 Pin Left/Right) and ¼" Headphone Jack. The BHA-1 also has a pair of XLR ...


The NDX is a streaming device and 24/192kHz DAC. The NDX has several digital inputs and it can be connected by ethernet or USB to an external NAS or harddisk. It is very well built. Furthermore it comes with the ...


Excellent power cable from Harmonic Technology. Length: 2 meter. We have two identical cables available. Price: 125 euro for each cable.


KEF Reference 205/2


Floorstanding loudspeaker from the former Kef Reference series. Based on all the know-how Kef has gathered in all those years. It combines exceptional performance together with an aesthetic profile of extraordinary beauty. This loudspeaker simply makes you forget the system ...


Magico S1


The "smallest" floorstanding Magico loudspeaker in "Bronze" M-Cast finish. These S1's share most of the qualities of the larger Magico's, which have enforced the reputation of this great brand. A search on the internet will result in a large ...

The Lehmann Audio Linear is a headphone amplifier and single source preamp with a built in power supply and zero global feedback Class-A output stage, offering a wonderfully rich sound suitable for most types of headphones. Even a 600 Ohm headphone ...


Beautiful tube phono stage from Audio Research. Suitable for both MM and MC cartridges with an output of 0,25mV or higher. Now available for 950 euro.


PSB Imagine T3


The Imagine T3 tower from Canadian PSB offers clean, well-integrated bass and pinpoint imaging. The speaker’s high power-handling capability, combined with extremely even frequency response and uniform off-axis response, creates an effortless yet impressive and highly detailed soundstage. PSB ...


This offering is for a pair of Vela FS-407 floorstanding loudspeakers from German manufacturer Elac. The FS-407 has the famous JET ribbon tweeter and two "crystal shaped" midrange/bass units. These loudspeakers are well build and let the music flow. ...


The Triton Five is a passive model in the Triton tower speaker line. It uses dual 6" midrange/woofers, four bass-reinforcing, 8" passive bass radiators and an Airmotion Ribbon tweeter. The Triton Fives deliver a realistic, wide sonic image with a bass ...